Checklist for Website Review: Essential elements for a high-performing site

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Checklist for website review

  • Go over your website’s performance, SEO and content quality.
  • Fine tune its user experience and mobile optimisation.
  • Run through your security and analytics to step up your site.

A website review is a crucial process to audit the performance and usability of your investor site. It helps to identify any technical or design-related issues and improve your website ranking as well as user experience.

Here is a comprehensive checklist you can use for your website review:

Check Website performance

  • Check your page load speed and fix images, videos and other media for faster loading.
  • Assess your site’s responsiveness, so it looks good on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Use tools like Google Analytics to detect any performance issues.

Check SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Consider your website’s ranking in search engines and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Place appropriate meta descriptions, titles and header tags on your site.
  • Make sure it has a sitemap and is submitted to search engines.

IRM website reviewGo over your website’s performance, SEO and content quality.

Check Content quality

  • See to it that your website content is relevant, up-to-date and informative.
  • Determine that it has correct grammar and spelling, free from plagiarism as well.
  • Scan for proper internal linking and external linking structure.

Check User experience

  • Organise your website so that it’s easy to navigate, with a clean and simple layout.
  • Evaluate your site for clear calls-to-action and contact information.
  • Test if it has a responsive design and fast-loading speed.

IRM website review SEOFine tune its user experience and mobile optimisation.

Check Mobile optimisation

  • Examine your website to find out if it’s mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Set a mobile-optimised menu with buttons that are not hard to click on your site.
  • Try it out on various mobile devices (iPhone and Android) to know that it loads quickly.

Check Security

  • Ensure that your website has an SSL certificate to make it secure.
  • Search for any vulnerabilities and clarify that it is protected against cyber-attacks.
  • Put a backup system in place, so you’re ready for any eventuality.

IRM website review mobileRun through your security and analytics to step up your site.

Check Analytics

  • Go into your website’s analytics and spot areas for enhancement.
  • Keep an eye on your site’s tracking codes for data to be collected accurately.
  • Monitor if your goals are being tracked and measured correctly.

With this checklist, your website will maximise its performance, ranking and user experience. A regular website review like this can help improve its functionality and attract more investors.

When all is said and done

Take your website to the next level and achieve better results with a comprehensive review. Use this checklist to study your site’s performance, SEO, content quality, user experience, mobile optimisation, security, and analytics. As you reinforce your website you’ll boost its traffic and engagement too.

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