Which Support Plan

Different companies have different needs for support.

Choose On Demand Support if:

  • Your support needs are likely to be small, infrequent or unpredictable
  • You are largely self-sufficient and only need occasional assistance
  • You are happy to take the risk of occasional one-off separate charges for support
  • You are happy to receive individual small invoices for Support Requests.

Choose the Pre-Paid Support Plan if:

  • You expect to have an occasional or regular need for support at short notice
  • You want a lower hourly rate than the On Demand Support Plan. This means you pay $100 per hour regardless of resource type (management, web developers, support and admin staff).
  • You don’t want the admin hassles of a number of small unpredictable invoices for support requests
  • You buy 10 hours of support time in advance, and we'll auto-bill a top-up when your balance drops below four hours.

Choose the Premium Support Plan if:

  • Use any of our services and pay the same regular monthly fee. Premium Support provides up to five hours in any one month or up to 50 in a year, at lower hourly rates than Pre-Paid Support
  • You don’t have the in-house capability to make many HQi or Newsroom changes or prefer to allocate your in-house resources elsewhere
  • You prefer IRM to take the risk of making changes to HQi or IRM Newsroom
  • You recognise that there are occasional larger projects and want the option for the time taken on those to be covered by a regular support arrangement.

Choose the WordPress Site Support Plan if:

  • You want a regular service to do the routine technical things needed to keep your WordPress website running smoothly 
  • You want a fixed monthly cost regardless of effort actually expended
  • You want IRM's lowest hourly support rates
  • You want to deal with technical tasks separately to changes to content or design (front end of the WordPress site) - content changes need an additional Support Plan
  • You want the flexibility to choose the right allowance of hours per month for the particular needs of your website.