Pre-Paid Support Plan

If you expect a stream of support requests at unpredictable times, and want a break on the hourly rates, buy support in advance

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Pre-Paid Support Plan


Choose the pre-paid support plan if you expect to have an occasional or regular need for support at short notice and/or at unpredictable times, and you want a lower hourly rates than the On Demand Support Plan.
You will also avoid the admin hassle of a number of small unpredictable invoices for support requests.
You buy 10 hours of support time in advance, and we'll auto-bill a top-up when your balance drops below four hours.


All hours charged to the Pre-Paid Support Plan are charged at the lower rate applicable to support / admin people, regardless of resource type.
Currently this means you pay $100 per hour for management, web developers, support and admin staff.
In the Support Requests area of HQi, you will be able to see the hours consumed for each completed task, the top-ups made and the current available balance.
Charge any IRM support request or consulting service to your Pre-Paid Support Plan.
Pre-paid Support is not available for use for payment for Projects.
Unused pre-paid support hours expire after six months.

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The Pre-Paid Support Plan will usually be in conjunction with an HQi Plan, an IRM Newsroom Plan, or both.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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IRM Support Plans


Hours spent per request regardless of resource type