WordPress Hosting Plan

If you have an IRM supported WordPress site or Blog hosted by IRM, this plan provides the hosting

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WordPress Hosting Plan


IRM can build and support WordPress websites and Blogs.
We host the websites on a third party service that we support for you under this plan. The plan includes the third party costs.
Many IRM clients use WordPress for a blog, to integrate with the HQi website using the IRM WordPress Plugin.
This plan includes the availability of the IRM WordPress Plugin to pull though any HQi or IRM Newsroom web pages and Share Prices and Charts and other IRM products.


Choose an IRM theme for your WordPress website or blog, and IRM can build and maintain the WordPress website. Or your developers can build and maintain it.
Features from IRM Newsroom and some HQi features can be incorporated into the WordPress site through the plug-in. For example, the dynamic navigation capabilities of HQi can be brought through to the WordPress site so that it is seamless to integrate and use from the visitors' perspective.
Whether an individual page is supported by WordPress of HQi, the result is seamless for the viewer, and the design and styling is done through WordPress.

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You will need an IRM Support Plan to provide the website maintenance for the WordPress site. You may also have an HQi Plan and an IRM Newsroom Plan, and possibly others.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


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Wordpress website or blog