WordPress Technical and Security Plan

WordPress sites need regular updating monitoring and tuning, best done under this Plan

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WordPress Technical and Security Plan


Choose the WordPress Technical and Security Plan if you want a predictable regular cost for the routine work involved in ongoing site-level support of a WordPress site, not including changes to content or design. This plan provides up to five hours in any one month or up to 50 in a year. If you use all the hours, the hourly rate is lower than the Pre-Paid Support rate, and there are no budget surprises. Contact IRM for different numbers of included hours.


Routine WordPress site management tasks will be undertaken as needed by our technical staff, and at least once a month even when things are going really well.
We provide technical services such as software and anti-virus updates, security scanning, website full backup, plugin updates, and checking restores from backup. Each site is different, and we will tailor the list of services to suit the circumstances of each site and what facilities are done automatically by the hosting service. You will also receive periodic reports of the activities undertaken and any issues that need to be addressed.
This Plan does not cover work requested to update the content or design of the website, only the underlying technical site activities. You will need another IRM Support Plan for content changes.
The normal number of hours included is five hours per month, but this plan can be tailored for a different number of hours in different circumstances, for example if the scanning and updates are done more often than once a month. The pricing per month where estimated hours is varied is calculated at $80 per hour for the chosen number of hours.
IRM Client Relations will monitor the adequacy of the hours budget and advise if it needs changing. There are no additional hours or refunds if the actual number of hours consumed is different in any given month.

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The WordPress Technical and Security Plan does not replace the On Demand Support Plan or similar needed for making content changes. It will often be in conjunction with a WordPress Plan (if IRM hosts the WordPress website), and an IRM Newsroom Plan, or both.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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IRM Support Plans

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List of monthly activities required for WordPress site-level support, excluding content changes