IRM Products and Services

IRM - Online Investor Communications Specialists

IRM has a wide range of online investor communications products and services to help listed companies communicate better with investors, no matter where the investors are in their Investor Journey.

IRM's most popular products are Investor Websites and IRM Newsroom. Both are powered by the IRM Content Management System HQi, see here for more information. Non-IRM websites can be improved with IRM provided Tools for investors, described here.

IRM offers a range of Graphic Design services including Annual Reports, Notice of meeting / AGM documents and marketing collateral. This includes design, production, printing and mail distribution. We also provide full services for new corporate branding and identity which includes logo design, style guidelines, stationery, company websites and brand collateral. 

More and more listed companies are participating in Social media as a series of additional touchpoints to communicate with investors. IRM can help establish and maintain your social media presence.

Plans and Prices

IRM offers ongoing plans for use of HQi, IRM Newsroom and various support services. For full descriptions of the features and pricing of the main IRM ongoing plans, refer to:

IRM Product Catalog

We provide a full product catalog of IRM's products and services here. Feel free to browse, explore, enquire or buy from the catalog.

IRM Clients

No better than real live Client experiences to showcase products and services for someone helping listed companies with their online presence. Explore our Client Showcase here - it uses the Showcase feature of HQi.

It's More than Just a Website

Although we're known mainly for Corporate Websites and Newsroom, your online presence is much more than just a website. There's a wide range of Success Factors for an engaging online investor presence.

It's more than just a website - it's all these additional aspects, and it’s an extra feature list too long to put here. It’s the great IRM service. It leverages IRM’s ten years of leadership as online investor communications specialists for Australian companies. Contact Us here.

IRM - Its More than Just a Website