Our Team

Martin Spry

Martin Spry - CEO

Since Martin became CEO of IRM in 2003 he has helped hundreds of ASX listed companies with their online investor communications needs. His seminars and white papers provide practical, implementable ideas on how companies can compete in the 24/7 global online investor world. This also allows him to keep building IRM’s excellent products and services, and strong brand and reputation, to keep it at the forefront of online investor communications in Australia.


Matt White

Matt White - Art Director

Matt has over 15 years of corporate design experience and has worked with a diverse range of clients from local businesses to international companies. He has honed his design skills across three continents and his experience extends across annual reports, bidder and target statements, prospectuses, websites, newsletters, corporate identities, corporate communications and advertisements. Matt is well organised, disciplined and used to working in a fast and accurate manner. He has a keen eye for detail and possesses an in depth knowledge and understanding of investor communication for print and online media.



Nikki Harris

Nikki Harris - Client Relationship Executive

Nikki joined the IRM team in January 2016 originally as Project Manager to co-ordinate the day to day running of multiple client websites and associated projects. With a background in running her own photography business and 10 years experience in digital, graphic design, user experience and investor communications agencies across Sydney, she is now one of IRM's Client Relationship Executives working side by side with clients to manage website builds, research and development, training and gaining the most from their digital communications. 


Marlin Matouk

Marlin Matouk - Client Relationship Executive

Marlin joined IRM in 2017 to proactively look after clients and help them solve any business or technical challenges. A highly skilled professional with extensive experience undertaking a diverse range of roles within Business and Financial services industry. Prior to working with IRM, she spent three years as a Project Manager delivering regulatory and efficiency software enhancements for Listed and Unlisted companies. This experience honed her skills in developing new technology with the forethought of best User Experience in mind. The previous ten years were focused on providing administration services where she headed an Investor Services Admin team. Marlin loves building long term relationship with clients and helping them achieve their goals.


Nikki Harris

Kristin Rowe - Client Relationship Executive

Kristin joined the IRM team in May 2019 as a Client Relationship Manager. Her background includes the resources industry, private equity and management concentrating on investor relations and administration. Kristin has extensive experience working in ASX listed companies.


Nikki Harris

Linda Altieri - Client Relationship Executive

Linda joined IRM in May 2019 as a Client Relationship Manager. Prior to IRM, she worked across various executive administrative roles for over 15 years with the past decade focussing specifically in the resources and mining industry which included investor relations. Before this role, Linda was also a “client” of IRM for many years, maintaining the websites for the companies she worked for and fully understands the requirements and needs of looking after a website from the client perspective.


Luke Van Den Bovenkamp

Luke Van Den Bovenkamp - Senior Developer

Luke has more than 12 years in the IT industry, with the last six years specialising in web development. Main skills include, HTML, CSS and JQuery. Luke joined IRM in August 2011. Previous experience includes, ABC, IBM and Shaw Stockbroking.




John Zhen

John Zhen - Senior Developer

John Zhen has extensive experience in website and database development. He has worked for various organisations in both public and private sector. Since graduating with a Master's degree in Computer Science, John has taken part in many projects, involved in all stages of the development cycle.


Prima Patrianto

Prima Patrianto - Senior Developer

Prima completed a Masters degree in Business Information Management in 2012 and joined IRM in March 2014. Previous experience in Front-end Web Development in law and commerce Industries have enhanced him with extensive web technical skills. Prima is involved in web development and support to strengthen the brand.