How to improve your investor website with help from experts

IR Suggestions

IR suggestions

There’s always room for improvement on your investor website. As in any aspect of your business, you don’t just want to get things done. You want to get things done right.

That’s why you’re open to feedback from team members and partners. Because you want to keep improving your site to communicate well with investors. Though sometimes it may be hard to sift through all the varying viewpoints.

How about advice from investor website experts?

Professional website consultants have the experience and skills to review your investor site properly. They’ll analyse your existing website and make suggestions to improve its efficiency and quality.

They’ll use a fresh set of eyes to offer innovative ideas for your web pages. Presenting proven solutions to similar issues they’ve seen and resolved for other companies.

Such proficient knowledge is more likely to bring a positive impact on your website’s performance. Your investor site will surely benefit from their effective and intuitive expertise.

How will they help improve your investor website?

Experts should be able to look at your investor website and see how it’s aligned with the objectives of your communications. Checking how your site performs in at least 3 areas: design, content and functionality.

Here are some aspects experts touch on as they review your site:

  • Design

How your investor website aligns with your brand and your main site, if it's a separate one. Colours, images and typography should be consistent with your brand’s look and feel.

Does its layout and navigation meet current design trends? Are they sure to attract investors too?

How engagement in your site can be enhanced, perhaps with proactive elements. Like adding interactive maps for your explorations or timelines for your company’s history. Online interactive reports on your site make it more appealing too.

DesignIs your website design attractive enough to investors?

  • Content

Giving a sweep on your investor website’s content to make sure your information is as up-to-date as your latest report.

Checking to see your “Why Invest” section isn’t missing and your share prices are prominently displayed.

Making sure your most recent news and reports are highlighted as well as your social media links.

Whether your project's pictures can better function in an image gallery or an AGM page can facilitate your event’s details.

ContentHow up-to-date is your investor website's content?

  • Functionality

Has your investor website taken a health check lately? To see how fast it loads, ensuring images and videos don’t hamper its speed.

How does it fare in search engines, in short, its SEO capability? Is it responsive on all screen sizes, particularly mobile devices?

Does your site have a feature that allows news to be emailed to investors as it's posted on your site? Is it able to collect subscribers and group them for proper message delivery?

Any other technological advancements that can be adopted to support your IR efforts?

FunctionalityDoes your website's functionality include sending announcements to investors?

At the end of the day

If you’re looking to improve your investor site, you’ve got to be open to feedback, particularly from experts. Professional website consultants should be able to review your pages and offer recommendations for its design, content and functionality.

Within easy reach

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