Domain Hosting

Domain Names

Most IRM clients have their domain names chosen when we start working with them. To activate a website on the IRM hosting service, all that is required is to "point" the domain name to the IRM servers.

IRM will provide instructions on how to set up DNS entries in the client's zone files to reach IRM servers.

Where IRM is hosting an investor centre, we recommend a subdomain (such as be established to point to the IRM servers.

Where IRM is providing only the IRM Newsroom service, we can use a subdomain such as, or IRM can host the Newsroom domain on the a subdomain of

IRM Domain Hosting 

Alternatively, IRM provides complete domain name hosting solutions for your company.

Register your .com (or other) domain name with us, we will create the DNS zone file records necessary to support your domain name and control your website traffic, emails, etc.

Our DNS hosting is state-of-the art, using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Route 53 hosting service.