Interactive Map & Timelines

Use interactive elements to tell your company's story

Enhancing interactivity on your website leads to a better experience for your users.

Incorporating interactivity into maps is a great way to visually represent a lot of data, and reduce the words involved in delivering important messages.

Interactive maps

The resources sector was perhaps the first to really use interactive maps to tell a story well.  These days, they’re commonplace as they just work so well

Some examples: Cue Energy projects area

Cue Energy (ASX: CUE) has projects across Australia, New Zealand and several parts of Indonesia.  To help visitors easily navigate to particular regional projects, we worked together to incorporate interactive maps within the company’s Projects landing page.

Hovering the mouse over any of the dots showing on the map highlights the project or office name.  A single click then takes the visitor through to the project or office-specific page, where further project information and project assets can be found.

Cue Energy - top level map

Cue Energy - Projects


Austbrokers: find a broker mapping system

Austbrokers have hundreds of insurance brokers and underwriters across Australia.  They wanted to provide their potential clients a way of navigating their broker directory which would allow visitors to find the right contact based on location. 

The Find a Broker page houses a map of Australia and search fields.  Visitors can then type a suburb, postcode or company name into a field and search by text.  Alternatively, clicking on individual states in the map of Australia will take visitors through to a state Google map, with pins showing for each of the individual broker locations.  Mousing over the pins will highlight the name of each broker, and clicking on pins brings up the office contact details for each.  


Interactive timelines

A lot happens in the life of a listed company.  For many companies that have been publicly listed or operating for many years, it is useful and of interest to shareholders to map out the key achievements that the company has delivered over time.  At IRM, one way we help clients do this is through interactive timelines.

What is an interactive timeline?
An interactive timeline is a way of bringing to life certain corporate activities and milestones that have occurred in a business or project over a period of time. 

The timelines usually comprise a limited number of words, combined with pictures and / or video to illustrate the various activities.  Often achievement timelines or histories are published in annual reports, and these can also be brought to life interactively on the corporate website.

An example: Cape Lambert Resources Limited (ASX: CFE)

Originally listing in 2001 as Hamill Resources Limited, the company now known as Cape Lambert Resources Limited has conducted a significant amount of activity in the 14 years since.  M&A, share buy-backs, major project wins and completions, dividend payments, and more – are now chronicled in Cape Lambert’s interactive timeline.  For this project, we used one main image per year (or major period), along with snippets of detail on key achievements for each year.

Cape Lambert - interactive timeline