Keep in Touch after conferences

IRM has partnered with Vertical Events to add value to conference speakers by allowing you to keep in touch with conference attendees by email during and after a Vertical Events conference.

A Selection of Companies only

We are concerned about annoying delegates with too many emails, so we are offering this service to only a selected number of speaking companies. Approximately between 10-15 companies involved is a reasonable maximum for each conference.

  • IRM Newsroom (Enterprise Plan) clients will receive a priority and complimentary allocation.
  • Non-IRM clients are welcome to participate for a small "set-up" fee. Please contact IRM for details.

What is it?

For the selected companies presenting at the conference, IRM and Vertical Events will provide the following additional service:

  • All registered delegates (including speakers, and unless they elect to opt out) will receive the initial welcome email from the conference organiser (Vertical Events) the day before the conference explaining this service.
  • The emails will commence on the morning of the first day of the conference and continue for about six weeks afterwards.
  • The alert emails are jointly branded with the logos of the related Conference and the presenting company and will feature the title of the announcement with a link to the ASX PDF released news (presentation, etc).
  • Delegates will receive alert emails every time a selected speaking company ("Publisher") publishes a price-sensitive announcement or a presentation on the ASX.

Does it work?


At our first conference, 11 speaker companies participated in this trial and their ASX Announcement emails were sent to 592 delegates. We did 16 campaigns during the conference and a few alerts each week thereafter, responding to the real news flow.

The full analysis of this first trialed conference (six-week period), achieved the following results:

Average unique open rates of 38%
Average click rates of 13%
and recruited 22 new subscribers to the presenter companies' own email alert lists.

The audience of “strangers” (delegates) performed ALMOST AS WELL as the the companies’ own followers for the whole period, higher at first and lower towards the end of the trial!

We boosted companies’ open rates by 30% and click rates by 24% over the six-week period.

With the successful outcome from these results, we have decided to continue to offer this email service for the upcoming Vertical Events in 2020.

Here are some testimonials received:

"This was a useful service as it helped me to monitor many Energy sector companies that otherwise I would not have considered"

"Working for government, I was mainly interested in those companies whose work is directly related to activities in Western Australia. I found it useful where they were and just deleted those that weren't relevant."

"Great service, I think you should continue it on a regular basis."

Keep in Touch

This service is being promoted to the conference delegates as "Keep in Touch".  A dedicated web page explaining this service can be found here

Benefits for Conference Speakers

As a conference speaker, you can achieve the following additional benefits from your involvement in this conference:

  • You will have a much larger audience for your presentation - all registered delegates, not just those sitting in the room.
  • Delegates will be kept in touch with your important activities after the conference, without you or them having to take any specific action.
  • All emails will be sent within about a minute of its release by the ASX, without you taking any action - automatically.
  • All follow-up emails will go to all registered delegates, including those who registered but did not attend, unless they opt out.
  • This service will continue for a limited period (about six weeks) to reduce risk of the recipients becoming annoyed.

In addition and most importantly, every email that is sent with your announcement will contain a link to your website AND an invitation to permanently subscribe to email alerts for your company. It's a recruiting method for new email alert subscribers.

Some Suggestions

The emails will start on the morning of the first day of the conference. So:

  • If your presentation is released by the ASX just before you present, you can say, "A copy of this presentation has just been emailed to all attendees."
  • Delegates can follow your presentation on their mobile devices whilst in the room.
  • If your presentation is announced before the conference starts, you might ask IRM to do a "re-release" to the conference list just before your presentation.

We'll capture all price-sensitive news, and any other presentations you release. You might think about specific news that follows up on any items mentioned as "in progress" during your presentation.  

How does it work

Reporting back to you

You will be keen to know how it's going and to measure its success. So we will provide some data during the process and at the end, so you can understand the effect:

  • We will provide an initial report a few days after the conference to show the initial impact
  • After the end of the email period well do a full summary
  • Each email you send will count as a "campaign" - for each campaign we will measure emails sent, open and click rates
  • We'll look at totals for all campaigns and averages
  • We'll look at new email alert subscribers on your website
  • We'll also benchmark you against the other conference speakers in the trial.

Then we'll ask for your feedback on the overall results.

More information

  • IRM and Vertical Events will respect the privacy of the email addresses of delegates. The email addresses are captured in a new event list that is specific for the event and are not provided to each speaking company. The event list will not affect your existing subscriber list and cannot be found by the sent email data.
  • If a conference delegate is already a subscriber on the IRM Newsroom client's email alert list, they will not receive both emails. The delegate will just get the normal email alert from that presenting company's list. There is no de-duplicating for non-IRM clients.
  • If you would like the emails to stop at any stage, or for specific ones not to go out to the list, just ask IRM Support to assist.
  • The service for the presenting companies is driven by IRM Newsroom and can use all the normal features of that service. For non-IRM Newsroom clients, we set up a temporary version for IRM Newsroom specifically for the conference.

What do speakers need to do?

  • If you are an IRM client we will approach you.
  • For non-IRM clients, IRM will ask if you wish to participate or need more information.
  • Before the Conference, an IRM Client Relations Manager will be in touch to officially ask for your permission and gather a few pieces of information.
  • Apart from that, you won't need to do ANYTHING. IRM and Vertical Events will organise the entire service.
  • To get the most out of this service, have some great (price-sensitive or presentation) ASX announcements during the six weeks following the event! 

Trialed at RIU Good Oil Conference - Perth, 11-12 September 2019

The companies who participated in the six-week trial were:

  • BRU Buru Energy Limited
  • CUE Cue Energy Limited
  • E2E Eon NRG Limited
  • FAR FAR Limited
  • HZN Horizon Oil
  • MAY Melbana Energy
  • OEL Otto Energy Limited
  • SSN Samson Oil and Gas
  • SUR Sun Resources NL
  • TAP Tap Oil
  • WGO Warrego Energy Limited

 We welcome your feedback!

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