Website Assessment

Are you wondering how your investor website stacks up?

The IRM website quality assessment helps identify the opportunities for improvement.
Based on a simple questionnaire of ten questions, this self-assessed measurement tool gives a score out of ten on each of the criteria, and a total score out of 100.
The questions relate directly to the Online Success Factors, and to the Success Factors White Paper published here on this website. It will be best if you have some understanding of the Investor Journey concepts before you make the assessment.
When the questionnaire is completed, IRM will prepare a Website Assessment Report document based on your scores and provide it by email.
Take the questionnaire here.
When you've realistically answered the questions, and looked at the report, you will have a feel for how well you stack up now, and what might be needed to reach the next level of performance of your online investor communications.

Guidelines for answering the questions

Each question refers to one of the Success Factors, which are described on this page. Clicking on "read more" for each Success Factor gives more information of considerations when choosing your score. For example, to learn more about the "Attract" success factor and question, clicking on Attract will take you to this explanation page
Enjoy making your assessment, and we hope it's of some use to you!