IRM Newsroom Announcement Monitoring

A low cost version of the IRM Newsroom Corporate Plan without the automation of the ASX link

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IRM Newsroom Announcement Monitoring


Use the Announcement Monitoring Service if you want IRM to manually update your website with ASX Announcements with no hassle. It's good if you don't have the resources internally to make website updates of announcements or your budget is restricted.

This service is great for companies at an early stage of development or with a low volume of announcements.


The service delivers the same outputs as the IRM Newsroom Corporate Plan but does not automatically source the ASX Announcements. IRM will check the ASX daily for announcements and upload them manually for you. There's no access to IRM Newsroom Premium Features. IRM Newsroom operates as a news aggregation and distribution hub for ASX listed companies. Importantly, ASX Announcements (and other news) are easily distributed to a website, whether an IRM website or not. Refer to the IRM Website for full product information.
IRM Newsroom Announcement Monitoring supports all the standard features of IRM Newsroom for one ASX Ticker code. Website news is published on a Home Page latest news box and in a complete ASX Announcements page. News is published manually by IRM, with an email advice when done.
Integrate with any website - IRM's HQi, WordPress or using JSON feed. Enjoy unlimited phone / email advice and information about how to get best value from IRM Newsroom.
There is no regular subscription fee. Charges are through the chosen IRM Support Plan, with a 20 minutes support time charge for each announcement updated.

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With IRM Newsroom Announcement Monitoring you will need to choose an IRM Support Plan. You will often also choose an IRM Share Prices and Charts Plan. You may also be an IRM HQi website user and have an HQi Plan. If you are a WordPress website user or have a WordPress blog, you may choose to use the IRM WordPress Plugin.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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IRM Newsroom Plans


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