IRM Newsroom Enterprise Plan

Our most popular full feature plan for IRM Newsroom for ASX Listed companies up to $100m Market Cap.

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IRM Newsroom Enterprise Plan


Use the IRM Newsroom Enterprise Plan if investor communication, immediately, is a priority for you, if you need control over which ASX announcements go where on your website, if Email Alerts and / or social media are are important, and if you need multiple people involved in the process. Newsroom Enterprise also supports integrated WordPress blog posts, manual uploads, third party news and more


IRM Newsroom operates as a news aggregation and distribution hub for ASX listed companies. Importantly, ASX Announcements (and other news) are easily and quickly distributed to a website (whether an IRM website or not), email distribution lists, and social media.
Refer to the IRM Website for full product information.
IRM Newsroom Enterprise supports all the features of the IRM Newsroom Corporate Plan.
It also provides access to all of the Premium Features of IRM Newsroom.
In addition it supports any number of web pages for the target website, and any number of IRM Newsroom Administrators. You can choose to auto publish, authorise or ignore - differently by type of ASX Announcement. Enjoy unlimited user training, online lodgement of support requests, and priority access to the IRM Newsroom future development plans.
Pricing is for first ticker code, additional ticker codes or IRM Newsroom Instances deliver IRM Newsroom Enterprise features at IRM Newsroom Corporate prices.

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With IRM Newsroom Enterprise you will need to choose an IRM Support Plan. You will often also choose an IRM Share Prices and Charts Plan. You may also be an IRM HQi website user and have an HQi Plan. If you are a WordPress website user or have a WordPress blog, you may choose to use the IRM WordPress Plugin. If you have a market cap over $100m you will choose an additional High Usage Plan

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IRM Pty Ltd

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IRM Newsroom Plans


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Market Capitalisation, number of IRM Newsroom administrators, access to Premium IRM Newsroom features, number of Ticker Codes