On Demand Support Plan

Our simplest Support Plan for small, infrequent or unpredictable support needs.

Product Name:

On Demand Support Plan


With the On Demand Support plan, contact our support service at any time and we'll do and charge the work. Simple.
It's ideal for companies with a low level of support needs, either because they are largely self-sufficient with HQi and Newsroom activities, or because generally the support volumes are low.
Use it if you're happy to take the risk of occasional one-off separate charges for support and are happy to receive individual small invoices for Support Requests


Time spent on any support request is billed individually for each completed Support Request on completion. The invoice will be based on the actual hours spent on the request, by type of resource, at current rates from time to time. Current hourly rates under On Demand Support plan are: Management - $250 per hour; Web developers - $200 per hour; Support/admin staff - $100 per hour.

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The On Demand Support Plan will usually be in conjunction with an HQi Plan, an IRM Newsroom Plan, or both.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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IRM Support Plans


Per support requests, hours spent by each resource type