IRM Premium Support Plan

IRM Premium Support allows a regular monthly charge for an expected level of support at our lowest rates for support

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IRM Premium Support Plan


With the Premium Support Plan, use any of our services and pay the same regular monthly fee.
Purchasing a regular number of hours of website support for a regular monthly fee means you benefit from our lowest prices for support, and you don't have to worry about costs when you ask for IRM help.
Premium Support provides up to five hours in any one month or up to 50 in a year. If you use all the hours, the hourly rate works out at lower again than the Pre-Paid Support rate, and there's no budget surprises.


Time spent on any support request is debited to Premium Support hours for each completed activity - Support Request, Consulting Service or Website Project. The debit will be the actual hours spent on the request, or if a fixed price number of hours has been quoted, that fixed number of hours.
Check with HQi Support Requests for the hours debited and the current balance.
Unused Premium Support hours expire each 1 January.

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The Premium Support Plan will usually be in conjunction with an HQi Plan, an IRM Newsroom Plan, or both.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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IRM Support Plans


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