Analyst Centres

Being friendly for analysts is key for larger companies that have analyst coverage (or smaller ones who would like to). Analysts want the numbers presented to them in a way they understand and can download.

For IRM, the problem has always been providing financials as reported in a timely and downloadable format that’s easy to access from a company’s  website. With our new analyst centres, analysts no longer have to go through the manual and time intensive process of collecting and aggregating accurate company historicals.  Now these financials can be accessed with a simple click with everything available to be exported to Excel.

Our new partner Virtua Research provides just the needed product. Their analyst centres deliver a product and upload service to that deliver analysts just what they need - easy to access timely and accurate financials, all available from the company’s website. Once set up,Virtua can upload  your new set of results in less than 2 days, and they can handle volume.

The new analyst centres come in either a lite or full version. Below is an example of the full version. If you want the light version it would just be the 3 statements – IS/BS/CF with none of the non-GAAP.


Here is a brochure that describes the Virtua Research product. 

By teaming up with IRM, you would achieve the benefits of local IRM support for this product at about the same price point of a direct purchase from Virtua.

For pricing or a client list please check with us. It’s a subscription model for two data uploads per annum (yearly and half yearly results). A small setup cost will apply (more for the full version) and monthly subscriptions of around $A150 per month for lite and $A500 per month for full. The service will be hosted on Virtua’s servers in the US.

We are looking for two or three initial clients to take on this commitment.

Feedback? Contact us.