New Gold Annual Report

IRM’s Gold Annual Report product is a mini-website for the Annual Report. Each of the “glossy” sections is a set of html pages, and the more boring bits are images of the relevant PDF pages, all presented as a mini-website with full navigation etc. Each one is individually designed and constructed. This means it comes at a price point (around $6000 - $8000+) and time delay (2-3 weeks) that many companies find difficult to schedule in the busy annual reporting timescale.

We are considering teaming up with EZOnlineDocuments to give a new online report which is a step up from the Silver OAR and at a lower price point and level of effort than the Gold.  

Here are two sample reports we have produced for evaluation:

Rich Andrews, CEO of EZOnlineDocuments, says:
"Note that we can adjust the design, footer, branding or other elements.  Also, we could go with the "hamburger" menu at the top instead of tab-menus if you prefer or for clients that prefer that.
"Both demos include our Tiles Navigation and many other features.  One also shows our ability to selectively display two-pages as one (see pages 2&3 and 4&4 of Acrux).  You can review the different ways the document responds to your screensize by resizing your browser window, or trying it on tablets or phones.  These jobs are setup as our normal product with image-based pages and responsive Tiles Navigation.  We can update portions or all of the document to full responsive for clients who want and can afford that.  Our product is unique in that it can mix and match responsive and traditional content seamlessly."

Key to this strategy is the EZOnlineDocuments is geared up to produce this report from the completed PDF of the Annual Report within 5 days of receiving the document. So we can comfortably produce this online report in parallel with the physical report printing. These new OAR’s would be hosted on the IRM hosting service along with our websites.

The examples look ok on mobiles and tablets, but the problem is that the underlying document is still the PDF page images – much the same as our Silver OAR product. For full responsive design there is more work – cost and time.

If we do this as a new Gold OAR we’ll probably promote the current “Gold” to “Platinum” as it is still a much better solution for some companies.

Price point? Check with us. Probably around $A3500 - $A4000 per report for one off, maybe a bit less for subscriptions, and maybe some introductory pricing deals to get the product established.

We need a handful of initial clients to take on the support commitments for this product.

Feedback? Contact Us.