What is IRM HQi?

Our proprietary content management system is a user friendly platform, which gives you control over your website content, images, navigation and allows you to distribute news and communicate with investors.

How does it work?

The software allows you to login with a secure username and password and make updates to the content of your website without needing the technical knowledge of a web developer. This is extremely helpful in a fast-paced corporate world where regular updates need to be made to keep all information on your website relevant and up-to-date.

What features are included in HQi?

There are a lot of great features included in HQi, for the full list and more information visit the features page on the IRM site here.

Will IRM provide training on how to use HQi?

Of course, we’ll provide full training on the system either face to face or over a call where we can share our screen with you.

What if I have questions or need support?

The HQi License agreement includes support for unlimited minor website changes (up to 15 minutes) included where a fair go policy applies. Amends that are up to two hours will be made based on your approval and invoiced accordingly where an hourly rate applies. For anything over two hours we will produce a quotation and require signed approval on our cost.

There are a few ways to request support for your IRM website. You can request support directly through IRM HQi, to learn how to do this see our help centre article here. Alternatively you can email support@irmau.com with your request.

Can I change everything on my website using HQi?

You are able to amend the text and images of your site but for the more structural elements a developer may be required so for the bigger changes it’s best to speak to your Account Manager or submit a support request here.