More Investor Features

Additional tools to deliver information to investors, fast

IRM delivers the following services to clients to further assist in communicating with investors and other stakeholders.


Corporate video and multimedia services
Help your investors understand your company, projects and investment proposition with interactive tools.  IRM works with clients to deliver a full suite of corporate video and multimedia services - from digital presentations and multimedia animations through to full corporate videos.
Services include: project fly throughs; opening and closing animations; stunning 2D/3D FX and animations; corporate videos; project videos; training videos; multimedia presentations and web videos. 
IRM can take care of the whole process from script and content preparation through to video interviews, voice-overs and visual effects. All delivered in any format required.

Corporate Calendars
A clear calendar which details all the company’s key activities, such as reporting dates, upcoming meetings, conferences and events. 
The calendar function also allows investors to add each activity as an entry in their personal calendar and if desired, receive a reminder of the upcoming event.


Secure Areas
Where there is a need to deliver information to a separate audience, IRM works with clients to deliver secure sites. Secure areas are separate websites to your investor centre or corporate site
The secure site is password protected and requires the user to enter a login name and password in order to view the content. 
Potential uses for secure websites include, secure areas for your customers; basic intranets; document storage sites; Human Resources - as part of an induction program / offsite training program / information area for remote staff; board papers and other confidential documents; due diligence data room etc.
Each secure website has our HQi capabilities which allow clients to manage the content and documents loaded to the secure website as well as complete control over users permissions and login details.