Website FAQs

Investor Focused Websites

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website is largely based on the features that are included. The more basic the website, the cheaper it will be but this can also be quite limiting to yourself as a user and it will also impact the effect on visitors to the site.

We want to deliver what is right for your company at the time that you come to us but also set you up for your journey, so that the website is flexible enough to cope with the changes over the oncoming years.

Drivers of the cost of the initial development are:

  1. Whether the site will be built starting with an IRM template or based on a custom design, and whether IRM is doing the design
  2. The number of pages on the website, and the types of pages (in particular, how many are individually designed)
  3. The number of rounds of changes allowed (at the design signoff and content signoff stages) and the estimated effort for each round
  4. When the IRM investor tools are included in the site there is some additional setup work
  5. The special features chosen from IRM's website tools, and the effort needed to design and implement them
  6. The estimated time for project management and client discussions.

Having said that, an ASX listed company could expect IRM to build a small high-quality investor website based on one of our templates for $6k - $12k and a bit more to add the IR tools, and more again for a custom design. A larger custom-designed excellent website with a lot of content and some special features might be $15k to $25k. 

There are monthly fees as well for HQi and Newsroom licence and support, some are market cap dependent, and there are separate fees for share prices and charts and some other tools. Definitions and prices for all of our ongoing services are available here.

For more details and current special offers, call our Client Relations people on +61 2 8705 5444 or email at

Do you do fixed price projects?

IRM prefers to prepare fixed price quotations with associated clear Statement of Works. We find this works best for everyone. Sometimes the specification is not clear enough for this so we will use other quoting models, e.g., hourly rates for time spent.

Our fixed prices rarely change during a project, and won't change unless the statement of works changes significantly.

What affects the price of projects?

Our prices for projects are basically proxies for the labour involved in the project. We like to quote based on the deliverables for the project (we know how long they take us) and so the amount of a quote will depend on items such as:
  • Whether the new site build is based on one of the IRM templates or is a custom design
  • For web development, how many web pages are being developed, and whether they are simple or more complex, and whether the content is fresh or coming from an existing site
  • For a design process, the likely complexity of the design, how many pages we are doing mock designs for, how many different mock versions, and how many rounds of changes
  • For special features, which special features are to be included and how
  • For site testing and rounds of changes, an allowance for the time that will be needed
  • For project management, an allowance for time in design discussions, project management and meetings.

Can you do approximate quotes?

We can do an indicative quotation where we choose a potential selection of items to be included in the project and a list of choices of other possible items. However, this step can lead to some confusion and uncertainty and we prefer to have at least a fairly clear idea of the project before we do this.

How long does it take to build a website?

Our websites usually take around four to six weeks to build but this timescale can be feature dependent. If you require custom development work for specific features, or if the site is large and complex, this may add some time to the project.

This four to six week estimation takes into account the different stages of the process, from an initial design briefing through to the build of a test link. Once the test link is approved we’ll move the files and database to our live server and on approval change the required settings to make the site accessible from your domain name.

We’ll also ask you to approve a timeline and sitemap before we get started on your project.

What materials do you need from us?

One of our Project Managers will run through a briefing meeting with you where we’ll explain the process and everything you’ll need to provide.

For a typical project we usually require the following:

  • Your company logo
  • Any images you would like use to include
  • Your content for each page (If you’ve chosen IRM Newsroom, we can supply historical ASX Announcements)

Do we have to have our own images or can you supply these?

We can use images that you supply or we also have a large library of stock images that can be used. If we are to purchase images on your behalf we typically charge $60/per image to cover research/selection and purchase. The raw images files will also be passed on for you to use in any other marketing materials.

What information do you need from us?

  • Who will be the day to day person managing the project from your side
  • Your technical contact details for your domain registrar

Can we use our existing content?

Of course, we will happily migrate existing content to the new website build where we can.

Some content may prove more difficult to migrate and in this case we will let you know. You may be able to organise for your current provider to pass on the files for us to use with the new site.

Can we use our existing design?

Of course, we can happily migrate your existing design to our HQi content management system where you can make use of our features listed here. For more information on website migrations please visit this page of our site.

Can we bring across our current email database?

Yes. You can add your subscribers to the HQi content management system and organise them into subscriber groups easily. If they have already agreed to receive materials from you, you can set the subscribers up to receive your ASX announcement email alerts or other types of alerts.

Why is there a Licence and Support Fee for HQi?

The licence and support fee is for licence and use of our content management system HQi on our servers. This pays for the software, hosting, new release development and installation, support, email capability, etc. It also covers our website content support service for the first 15 minutes of work on any change. There is a description of HQi on our website here, and a full Help Centre describing its functions in more detail at

How does HQi compare with other products such as WordPress

The difference between using HQi and a generic product such as WordPress is that with HQi you are fully supported and hosted, and we make the minor site changes as well. With WordPress, you need people costs to do all that work.

HQi is targeted at providing a service for administratively skilled people to update all the content on the website, not people with any web or HTML skills, so it is simpler for your people to use in the future.

HQi also has specific functionality for certain listed company functions. To achieve these on other products, you will most likely need to do custom development, find additional templates or plugins, and then support those modifications yourself for ever.

HQi is like WordPress on steroids suited to the admin requirements of listed companies' websites.