A Proactive video interview is a powerful tool to engage with investors on numerous levels to tell the company story. With this video interview, you will enable stakeholders to gain value from your business updates. It will also promote connections between your management and investors.

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Professionally produced video interview that will show your company's expertise and distinguish you from the competition
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Quality video interview that will humanise your brand and boost trust in your business
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Publish your video interview on Proactive's multi-media platform with massive audience reach
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More Tools
Boost engagement with extra features: AGM page, blog, or interactive elements

Watch how these ASX-listed companies have mobilised the Proactive video interview

Po Valley
Dreadnought Resources
Nutritional Growth Solutions
BPH Energy
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Proactive is a unique tech-enabled platform empowering companies globally with a comprehensive investor engagement solution across their business lifecycle. It is a best-in-class media provider of 24/7 breaking news, commentary and analysis on hundreds of listed and pre-IPO companies around the globe. It has produced over 300,000 articles and 20,000 executive interviews since it was established in 2006.

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