3 business blog strategies for your investor audience

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Business blog

Are you blogging about your business? It’s a simple yet powerful move to share relevant information with your stakeholders in a way that engages them.

A business blog is like a digital journal about your company that’s written for your investor community. It’s an excellent strategy to increase your organisation’s visibility online as it provides insights about your industry and answers questions shareholders may have.

A business blog is an extension of your company’s professional voice as it delivers pertinent content that reflects your organisation. It’s ideally written in an easy-to-read style, using clear-cut language while avoiding technical jargons.

How do you leverage a business blog to reach investors? Here are a few ideas to start with:

1. Provide info to your investors

A business blog enables you to talk about things occurring around your business that are of interest to stakeholders. It helps extend the reach of your ASX announcements as you detail company news, like your product launch or program updates.

Why not promote your products and services or rave about your business wins in your blog? Introduce additions to your board or management. Or recap recent events, like your AGM or investor conference. These are just a few topics you can lead with in your business blog.

Inform investorsA business blog will provide info to your investors.

2. Establish your thought leadership

A business blog demonstrates your expert knowledge on industry trends and helps build your authority on thought leadership. It will inspire investors to take action as they read your informative posts and they will likely return for more.

So, share industry news and present your fresh perspectives in your blog. Give insights on your company research as well as third-party white papers or reports that would be relevant to investors. Delivering new or contrarian opinion may set you up as the thought leader in your field.

Thought leadershipA business blog will establish your thought leadership.

3. Personify your company’s brand

A business blog is a clever means to humanise your brand as you appeal and relate to investors. Yes, your company is a corporate brick-and-mortar entity. However, its external reputation is like a person's character. That’s why your brand needs to be relatable, allowing investors to have thoughts and feelings about it.

So, put a face to your company’s name (so to speak) and write about your corporate social responsibility initiatives or sustainability endeavours. Communicate your employee stories, including your diversity and inclusion efforts. Then publish your blog posts through your company’s social media pages and encourage your team to share it too on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Personify brandA business blog will personify your company's brand.

About time you had a business blog

Are you now considering a business blog? The benefits are stacked up favourably on your end as you’ll be able to provide info to investors, establish your thought leadership and personify your brand. Plus points if your blog is connected to your website, as your blog posts will direct traffic to your site and boost its ranking in search engines.

Over to you

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