5 benefits of securing your corporate website

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SSL Certificate

“Not secure.”

Not secure

Seen that message next to a web address? (Hopefully, not on your website.) Google displays that label on sites that don’t use an SSL certificate (or Secure Sockets Layer certificate). This digital certificate delivers secure, encrypted communications between your website and any browser used by your clients or investors.

With cyber attacks becoming commonplace, a shift in security consciousness has emerged among internet users. That’s why SSL is a complete necessity these days, no longer a nice-to-have feature on your website.

SSL is the way to guard against hackers and identity thieves. It enables information to become readable only to the server your website is sending it to. This means data integrity for your site and privacy for your investors’ personal information. It ensures confidential data won’t be compromised, like passwords or email addresses.

In fact, browsers show warnings when you go to a website that doesn’t have an SSL Certificate. So, if your site is not secure, investors will see a message saying, "Your connection is not private", and by default they’ll be restricted from accessing your site, unless they do a workaround.

Website blockedWithout an SSL Certificate, your website may even be automatically blocked from a web server. This is to shield users from sensitive transactions, like providing login details or personal info. Because attackers could possibly steal or modify unprotected information.

Imagine the hassles investors would go through if your website doesn’t have an SSL Certificate. They’ll probably be put off when they’re blocked from your site. They would far more likely close your webpage when they see the alarming message that your site is not secure. Not an ideal scenario for attracting potential investors or keeping your current ones.

However, there’s more to protecting your website with an SSL Certificate than just safeguarding it. Read on to uncover these additional benefits of securing your site.

1. Verifies your website

As internet fraud rises, verifying your company’s identity is a must for your website security. An SSL Certificate delivers this authentication to your site with industry standards.

Certificate authorities only issue SSL Certificates to verified companies that have gone through several identity checks. Your certificate validates your domain ownership as well as business registration. You obtain the security tag on your website only when you’re verified.


2. Establishes trust between your website and investors

With an SSL Certificate, your website will give a “Secure” signal that enables investors to see your site as a trusted one. They’ll have a sense of confidence as they browse your web pages. Not worrying about signing up in forms and giving their contact details to connect with you.

They would more likely choose your website over an unsecured one. Revisiting your website without qualms as they do business with you and perhaps even recommend your site to colleagues.

3. Protects your investor data

Even if you don’t process payments on your site, a simple email address can give a clue of login credentials hackers can tamper with. A piece of information in the wrong hands may cause your entire online security to fall apart.

An SSL Certificate on your website won’t compromise users’ personal details, like profiles or passwords. Their information will be indecipherable as the data sent out between the server and browser will be kept private. Hackers won’t understand transmitted info as they would be in an encrypted format.

SSL protects dataAn SSL Certificates protects your investor data.

4. Boosts search ranking for your website

Google uses SSL Certificates as a ranking factor in search results. This means your SSL Certificate will help boost your site to list higher when investors do a search.

It’s an excellent perk if your website appears in searches more often. You’ll get a bump up in network traffic, which could draw in more investors. Giving you an edge over your competitors’ sites.

5. Frees you up to focus on business goals

Lately, data breaches are on the rise in almost every industry and geography. With the predominance of remote work and defenseless internet security, any sign of weakness breeds vulnerability.

Instead of dealing with security headaches, having an SSL Certificate will give you the freedom to concentrate on more important things like your company’s strategies and targets. With this certificate in place, you won’t have to worry about your website even being cloned or used fraudulently.

SSL boosts ranking
An SSL Certificate helps promote your search rankings.

To put it plainly

An SSL Certificate verifies your website and establishes trust with investors. It protects your investor data, boosts your site’s search ranking and frees you up to focus on business goals. All these benefits come with the use of an SSL Certificate to secure your web pages.

Perhaps we can help

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.