6 must-have elements for your IR website

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It’s not just about making it look pretty.

There’s definitely more to it than that.

Your IR website is the most crucial resource for your investor networks. Both for those that currently own shares and for others that are considering buying.

They rely on your site far more than you might think. Using it to get news, financials and information. In real time.

So, it’s imperative to make sure your website is effective. Delivering the information your investors need in a way that's most relevant to them.

Here are 6 elements your IR website can’t afford to miss out on:

1. The home page

Grab investors’ attention with an impressive home page. Use fewer words and more images to summarise your company’s story. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Encourage them to keep looking. Deliver your key information right there with one more click. And make it easy for them to continue with the next click as they get to know your organisation.

2. The management team section

Who’s running your company? The credibility of management is important for investors in ASX-listed companies.

So, provide details in your directors and management bios. Investors want to see their track record and leadership in your industry or in previous endeavours.

3. The business summary

Don’t assume investors know about your company. Even if they do, it would still be ideal to remind them about who you are and what you do.

Have a page that clearly states what business you’re in, your industry, your main brands, and why it’s a good venture to be in. Give links to further explain about your business on subsequent pages.

4. The investor proposition

Why invest? Highlight why you’re worth the investment with basic information and key metrics they can see at a glance.

Present a clear statement on your investor welcome page. Encourage them to look at your share price and chart, latest news and reports, as well as your investor fact sheet.

5. The share price and chart

Your share price and chart section isn’t the first page investors look at. They don’t usually go to your site just to check it out.

But while they’re there, why not display your share price to assist them on deciding about a trade? It will make it easy for them to weigh in on your business.

6. Latest news and reports

Investors will head to your website for current documents. Because they want to know the latest about your business.

Emphasise your key ASX Announcements and most recent annual report on your home page and investor welcome page. Make sure they are always up-to-date to the minute.

In a nut shell

Want your IR website to be effective for your investor community? Have a good home page, management team section and business summary in your site. Don’t forget to include your investor proposition, share price and chart, as well as latest news and reports.

With these features in place, your site will be a great resource to your investor audience. It will help them engage well with your business too.

Planning an IR website?

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