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Website content

Are you creating a new investor website or revamping your current one? Well-written website content is key to capturing the attention of investors and keeping it.

Good website writing not only holds the interest of investors. It also tops search results on the web, enabling stakeholders to quickly find your site and access information for their investment decisions.

Writing content for your investor website can be really challenging, though - especially if it’s your first time to do it. But, no worries! Below are some curated tips to get your writing skills fired up.

1. Identify your audience

Even before starting a draft, you need to know who it is you're targeting with your investor site.

Current shareholders would be your main audience, yes! But you also have a wider investor community that comprises your secondary audience, including potential investors, analysts, regulators, the media.

Keep both audiences in mind as you write your website content. Make sure your content is appealing and accessible to them.

Know audienceKnow your audience and apply the inverted pyramid model.

2. Use the inverted pyramid style

Apply the inverted pyramid structure on your website content to give investors the particulars they need in seconds.

Picture your content like an upside-down pyramid and put the most important message at the top of each web page. Then place supporting facts bit by bit as the page is scrolled down.

For instance, on the home page, have your company name, logo and brief overview at the top. Follow these pertinent details with supporting facts such as a “Why Invest” section, share price data and latest ASX announcements. Closer to the bottom of the page, place less crucial info, like your operations map or corporate blog posts.

3. Make your sentences short and simple

Write your website content in an easy-to-read manner to enable a broader reach of investor audience. For starters, go for sentences with 35 words or fewer to keep the short attention span of stakeholders.

Choose active voice to create reader-friendly sentences that speak directly to investors. For instance, it’s more engaging to write, “You can view our annual report here” rather than “Our annual report can be viewed here”.

Avoid jargon or insider language to ensure messages are understandable. Spell out acronyms on first reference and explain complex terms. Provide hyperlinks on certain words or phrases that will direct investors to more info within your site.

Use visualsWrite short simple sentences and use visuals. 

4. Capitalise on visuals

Investors process visuals so much faster than words, like most humans do. So, leverage images and videos to help explain complicated topics on your site. Incorporating graphics will also aid in breaking up text-heavy pages and make them easier to read.

Why not add an easy-to-understand infographic or chart in your text? Interactive maps and timelines are also visually appealing in communicating your business highlights.

5. Keep investors engaged with CTAs

After you’ve presented all information in a clear user-friendly way, how do you keep investors wanting more? How do you encourage them to see more pages on your website or promote your site to other stakeholders?

Add call-to-action buttons or CTAs, with action verbs like “Learn More” or “Share”. These CTAs can invite stakeholders to “Sign Up” to receive your email alerts, “Download” your presentation, or “Register” for your annual general meeting.

Don’t forget to link your CTAs to the right web pages. That way, investors won’t be lost on the next steps you want them to take to keep them engaged.

Engage investorsKeep investors engaged with CTAs.

On your way to great website content

Capturing and keeping the attention of investors is a cinch with well-written content on your website. Remember to know your audience, opt for the inverted pyramid model and write short simple sentences. Don’t forget to take advantage of visuals and CTAs to keep investors engaged.

Also, don’t be pressured to perfectly write your content the first time around. Doing website checks regularly and improving on areas needed will help optimise its performance. As they say, it’s a journey, not a destination - even for your investor website.

A nudge in the right direction

Sometimes a little help on your website is all you need. What better way to get support than from experts in the industry?

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