Centaurus Metals raises bar on new website

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Centaurus Metals

Now more than ever before, investors are tapping online sources for information - thanks to the new normal. The investment community is showing a dramatic increase in web-based content consumption.

With remote work pushing digital acceleration, stakeholders are now more dependent on cyberspace for trading decisions. Email newsletters, LinkedIn and YouTube are just some of the popular investor touchpoints for data.

Can you guess what is the top source of info for investors on the internet though? It is also the most trusted resource among virtual channels, btw.

It’s your investor website.

Stakeholders make investment decisions from facts they’ve learned on your site’s investor centre. No wonder ASX-listed companies are ramping up their websites to stay abreast with the times.

Centaurus Metals is alongside those who have recently taken the lead in upgrading their website. Australian-based Centaurus (ASX: CTM) is a minerals exploration company focused on the near-term development of the Jaguar Nickel Sulphide Project in Brazil.

Centaurus on devicesCentaurus' website runs without a hitch no matter what device investors use. 

Explore Centaurus’ latest site here to take a tour of its newly enhanced web pages that target investor interests more effectively. Have a look at how the relevant images excellently convey its business, like its interactive map for projects.

Notice how the website’s design gives a more personalised experience for investors, starting with its homepage. It’s where you can instantly locate key sections, such as its projects overview, investor presentations and corporate videos.

More than its look and functionality, Centaurus’ site offers a wealth of content to give investors a steady supply of significant material. Just head on to its investor centre and you’ll find ASX announcements, annual reports and more strategic info, like its top 20 shareholders.

Centaurus’ website was setup through HQi, IRM’s content management system. Such a delight for IRM be part of Centaurus’ venture to bolster its online investor presence.

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