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Imagine your company’s digital presence as a corporate tower, where the server plays the role of the building itself, and your website is a unit within its structured confines. Much like an office unit is a dynamic hub of activity, your site is the focal point for investors seeking information and engagement. Envision this online space as a sophisticated work environment, where each element moves in harmony.

On account of this, IRM offers the WordPress VPS Hosting Plan and WordPress Technical Support Plans to create an efficient, secure, and welcoming workspace for you. IRM’s routine WordPress site maintenance is applied in two areas, namely, IRM’s server infrastructure and each WordPress instance of clients like you.

1. Server maintenance

- Included in the WordPress VPS Hosting Plan

  • Operating system and software updates. Consider the server as the foundation of the entire office tower. Regular updates to the operating system and software are equivalent to maintaining the structural integrity of the building. An updated server, same as a well-maintained office building, provides a secure hosting environment for the digital units within. 
  • Security audits and firewall configuration. Server security and firewall configurations serve as the digital security protocols of your office building. Regular security audits and meticulous firewall configurations ensure a secure environment, allowing only authorised personnel access to your online workspace.
  • Disk space management and resource usage monitoring. In your digital office building, disk space is akin to the available square footage. Regularly monitoring and managing disk space, along with keeping an eye on resource usage, ensures a smooth online operation, mirroring the efficient use of office space for optimal productivity.

2. WordPress instance maintenance

- Included in the WordPress Technical Support plans

  • WordPress core updates. Updating the WordPress core is equivalent to modernising the infrastructure of your digital office building. This regular maintenance ensures that your online workspace remains equipped with the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches, fostering an environment conducive to productive interactions. 
  • Plugin and theme updates. Think of plugins and themes as the fixtures and ergonomic furniture within your digital unit. Regular updates ensure these elements not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also function seamlessly. Resembling outdated office equipment, obsolete plugins can pose security risks, underscoring the importance of timely upgrades.
  • Security audits and log file reviews. Security audits and log file reviews in your digital office space are similar to vigilant security personnel and surveillance systems. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities promptly, they fortify your online unit against potential threats, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for stakeholders.
  • Regular backups. Imagine your website's data as the vital documents and files within an office unit. Just as an office conducts routine backups to safeguard crucial information, your digital workspace requires regular backups using reliable plugins or server tools. This ensures that, in the event of data loss, you can swiftly restore your online unit to its optimal state. 

3. Backup integrity check

- Additional features in the WordPress Technical Support Basic, Corporate and Enterprise plans

  • Verify backup files. The verification of backup files is as good as double-checking the completeness of an office unit's documentation. Ensuring their presence and integrity guarantees the efficacy of your digital contingency plan, just as an office verifies the availability and accuracy of its records. 
  • Test restoration. Periodic test restorations in your digital office building are comparable with rehearsing emergency response procedures. These tests verify that your online unit can be restored seamlessly, assuring stakeholders of a consistent and reliable experience within the virtual workspace.
  • File permissions and storage verification. In your digital office building, file permissions are the online access controls, and external cloud storage is the off-site filing system. Correct permissions and redundant storage options ensure that your virtual documents remain secure, offering an additional layer of availability in case of unforeseen disruptions.


Why get an IRM WordPress Technical Support Basic, Corporate or Enterprise plan?

It really depends on your website requirements. Here are some of the factors worth considering:

Pros Cons
  • Coverage that ensures your WordPress website operates efficiently, with the latest features and security patches, providing an optimal user experience.
  • Risk of outdated features, possible security vulnerabilities, and diminished site performance.
  • Regular updates protect against the latest security threats, reducing the risk of malware and ensuring a secure online environment.
  • Increased vulnerability to cyber threats, probable data breaches, and compromised website integrity.
  • Continuous monitoring and scanning help identify and address security vulnerabilities, proactively preventing probable breaches.
  • Higher risk of undetected vulnerabilities, leading to possible security breaches and data compromises.
  • Regular full backups provide a safety net, allowing swift restoration in case of data loss, server issues, or accidental changes.
  • Loss of critical data, prolonged downtime, and challenges in restoring the website to a previous state.
  • Timely updates ensure compatibility, security, and optimal functionality of plugins, reducing the risk of compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities.
  • Potential conflicts, security risks, and decreased website performance due to outdated or incompatible plugins.
  • Periodic restoration checks verify the effectiveness of backups, ensuring that the restoration process is reliable and seamless.
  • Uncertainty about the effectiveness of backup systems, likely leading to challenges in restoring the website.
  • Regular reports provide insights into website activities, user interactions, and possible security incidents, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Lack of visibility into website activities, making it challenging to detect anomalies, probable threats, or performance issues.
  • Ongoing enhancement and optimisation of your website elements, taking care that it evolves with industry trends, user expectations, and technological advancements.
  • Stagnation in website development, potentially leading to a dated appearance, decreased user engagement, and diminished competitiveness.


Fortify your WordPress website

Visualise your website as a dynamic digital workspace through the WordPress VPS Hosting Plan and WordPress Technical Support Plans. Adopting a proactive approach to maintenance ensures your site operates seamlessly, providing stakeholders with a secure and efficient online space.

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