How design puts an edge on your investor communications

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Investor communications design

Investors just want the facts, right? So, is design really necessary for investor communications?

Typically, listed companies provide investors numbers and data in compliance with regulation. In the process of conveying facts, key information are usually sent out despite their complex form. Seemingly as though businesses were messaging robots, not investors.

Communicating to investors in this boring detailed fashion will not be enough to engage stakeholders though. Particularly in today’s setup, with the heightened scrutiny on companies brought about by uncertainty in markets.

Now more than ever, companies are faced with an increased demand to provide clear and timely information. Investors are pressing for comprehensive and insightful data about businesses to clinch their decision-making.

This is where design comes into play. Great design elevates your investor communications and improves your engagement with stakeholders.

1. Design attracts investors.

Great design helps your company stand out from the crowd, creating favourable perceptions at a glance. It projects your corporate image, delivers the first investor experience and produces lasting impressions.

Design attracts investors and gives them a chance to like you. When they like what they see in your touchpoints, they’ll spend time on your website, presentations or annual reports. Allotting time to view your ASX announcements, social media posts and other communications.

Design attractsDesign attracts investors.

2. Design clarifies your message.

But it’s not enough to attract investors with your design. It’s also vital to convey data clearly, presenting them in a manner that resonates with investors.

Great design reinforces your facts and figures, so investors can easily understand complex details. Design elements - such as layout style, typography and graphics - bolster your brand too. Allowing investors to feel informed about your business, as well as confident in your company.

Design clarifiesDesign clarifies your message.

3. Design engages stakeholders.

Great design makes it easy for investors to connect with you and helps them see why you matter. It boosts engagement to influence investors’ decisions.

Visuals like images, infographics and videos will not only highlight facts but would make it appealing to investors, leaving a great impression. Design features help investors feel good about your company and their decision to invest in it.

Design engagesDesign engages stakeholders.

At the end of the day

Great design is a powerful tool to attract investors, clarify information and inspire stakeholders. It strengthens your engagement with stakeholders as it advances your investor communications.

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