How IRM Newsroom automates delivery of your company news

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IRM Newsroom automates

Automation. It’s key to simplifying life, isn’t it? At least in many areas, like work processes and to-dos.

Putting certain tasks on autopilot helps you save time. It enables you to focus on matters that need more of your full attention. So things will continue running smoothly in your operations.

Take for instance your investor relations and online communications. You’d want to be constantly in touch with stakeholders to keep them in the loop, right? But you can’t just send them all your announcements as issued through the ASX platform.

Yes, it’s key to keep investors informed. However, you cannot overwhelm them with all other regulatory releases. You’d have to sift through your news to deliver only what they need. So they won’t fall behind on the latest essential updates about your company.

Would you have the time to go through all the announcements you transmit through the ASX though? Making sure items are sent to your specific email subscriber groups or posted on the right page of your website?

ASX via IRM Newsroom

It’s easy with a little help from IRM Newsroom.

IRM Newsroom is an ingenuous news delivery tool that automates your online communications. So you can send out news to the right channels simultaneously with the release of your ASX announcements.

With IRM Newsroom’s keyword function you can quickly update your website with selected news items in the appropriate sections. For example, you may want to apply the word “Presentation” as a keyword for your company or investor presentations. So then announcements with the word "Presentation" in its title or heading will go directly to the presentations page of your website.

You can also opt to have news items sent to specific email subscribers or social media networks. A convenient way to relay notifications, say for your AGMs or shareholder meetings. Just set your keyword for “General Meetings” and the announcements will be dispatched to your subscriber group for shareholders. Or it can be conveyed as a post on your LinkedIn company page for a wider audience distribution. All up to you.

IRM Newsroom has some default keywords in place to make your keyword journey as effortless as possible. And you can always add your own keywords to tailor the settings to your advantage. If you’re an IRM Newsroom or HQi user, this link will give you a step-by-step explanation on how to set it up in a cinch.

The bottom line

Don’t get bogged down by your investor communications when you can choose to make it smoother. Automate your news delivery process with purposeful tools, such as the IRM Newsroom.

Now what

Perhaps its time to simplify your online communications with IRM Newsroom? This helpful tool can be integrated with any website, including yours!

Read more about how it works in our FAQs. When you’re ready, click here to try it for free.  

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