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Company narratives

  • Riding out the current IR landscape calls for a synthesised approach to finding new investors.
  • Craft a compelling investment story, enhance investor targeting and increase engagement efforts.
  • Focus on process improvement and collaborate across functions.


The challenge of engaging new investors has persisted as a top priority for companies, according to a recent investor relations survey. This hurdle remains as pertinent as ever in 2024. However, it's important to recognise that the task extends beyond mere outreach and list-building. It requires the dissemination of a compelling investment narrative.

Successfully attracting new investors hinges on the ability of businesses to effectively communicate how their company differentiates itself from other investment opportunities. This involves not only showcasing relevant growth factors, but also articulating a narrative that resonates with potential investors.

There seems to be a notable gap in perceiving how well the market understands a company's story and its value proposition for shareholders. This underscores the importance of refining your narrative and enhancing investor targeting strategies to bridge this divide.

Here are some key strategies to consider in addressing this concern:

1. Craft a compelling investment story

A solid investment narrative is key to attracting the attention of your future investors. Articulate how your business stands out from competitors and emphasise vital facets such as liquidity, revenue, and sustainable cost of capital. Highlighting your company’s unique value proposition and potential can help attract investor interest.

Investment storyPresent investors with a powerful investment narrative.

2. Enhance investor targeting

Targeting the right investors is critical for success. Leverage data analytics and market insights to identify prospective investors who are aligned with your company's investment objectives. This targeted approach can improve the efficiency of your outreach efforts and increase the likelihood of attracting investors who appreciate your story.

3. Increase engagement efforts

Building relationships with investors requires ongoing engagement. Harness various communication channels, such as email newsletters, video interviews, and podcasts featuring executives, to keep investors informed. Providing regular updates on company performance, strategic initiatives, and industry trends can help foster confidence among investors. Keep in mind the different learning styles of investors to adapt your communications accordingly for maximum impact.

Investor targetingImprove your investor targeting.

4. Focus on process improvement

With time constraints and competing priorities, it's essential to streamline investor engagement processes. Assess your existing workflows and identify areas for improvement. Implementing technologies, such as news delivery software and automation solutions, can help optimise tasks and free up time for strategic initiatives.

For instance, with the right tools, your website can automatically update information, including ASX announcements, share price data, and financial reports. You could even email price-sensitive releases or crucial updates to investors without delay. Read more about IR essentials you can automate here.

5. Collaborate across functions

Effective IR calls for collaboration across various functions within your organisation. Work closely with finance, marketing, and other departments to ensure alignment in messaging and strategy. Maximising internal expertise and resources can enhance the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

Video interviewAdd engagement efforts, such as video interviews of executives.

At the end of the day

Navigating the current landscape of IR entails a multifaceted approach that combines storytelling, targeted outreach, and process optimisation. Through prioritising these elements, your company can overcome the obstacles of finding new investors, ultimately driving shareholder value and fostering long-term success for your business.

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