How to make your Annual Report stand out

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Annual Report

It’s almost the end of the financial year. For June year-enders, it’s annual report time!

Whether you’re an early starter or a bit of a crammer, one thing’s for sure, your annual report will take time and effort to prepare. Perhaps it can even get overwhelming at times.

But it is well worth the effort when properly executed. Your annual report will give a considerable return on investment when it showcases your company’s achievements.

Properly structured, written and designed, your annual report can go even further as a printed full-colour publication. More than reporting on your financial performance, it can serve as a great marketing tool too!

Impress investors with an annual report that provides all your info in a visibly engaging package. Here are some sure-fire ideas to make your annual report stand out:

1. Highlight achievements in a visual display

Achievements featured in your annual report will make investors and stakeholders feel good about their investments and participation in your business. So give them a visual spread, using vibrant images, charts and graphs that break down complicated information to make it more understandable.

Highlight the achievements and contributions of all those involved in delivering your objectives across the period. This includes both your internal people and those external to your organisation, like contractors and partners.

While financial performance is primary, don’t forget to mention other achievements, such as market share gains, sales increases or new machinery to boost productivity. Include other wins like research advances and awards your company or employees received.

Westgold Annual ReportClick the image to view this example from Westgold Resource's annual report.

2. Layout details to reassure existing investors and attract new ones

Realise how your annual report is a powerful communications tool to attract new investors and retain current ones. It’s where you can present facts and figures clearly in an engaging display.

To protect their investment, investors will search for financial data in your annual report for evidence of sound management. They want to see how your management will build on your company’s success, the strategic plan for the coming year, or if you are operating in a market that offers growth opportunities.

Make it easy for them to find all the data they want in pages that are well-designed and easy to locate. Perhaps you can lay out your company’s prospects in your annual report’s sections on market conditions, product plans or research and development. These are just some ideas to consider.

Vango Annual ReportClick the image to view this example from Vango Mining's annual report.

3. Provide a point-in-time yet timeless marketing piece

Your annual report can not only convey your company’s achievements for the year, it can also communicate milestones of interest to your investors and stakeholders even after such a period.

How about having a specific theme or concept this year? Perhaps you have a historical landmark to celebrate. You can also centre on how you are improving the lives of people through your product or service.

Key moments in your company’s history and positive stories from customers or employees are some elements that add distinction to your report. These details combined with an attractive layout will appeal to investors and increase your annual report’s readership. A variety of formats, like an online interactive version, will enhance their engagement as well.

Tesserent Annual ReportClick the image to view this example from Tesserent's annual report.

To put it briefly

You can make your annual report stand out as a brilliant summary of your company’s year. How? Simply by presenting a visual display of your achievements, while providing details in a timeless marketing piece.

Call in the cavalry

Would you leave your annual report in a boring PDF file? You can do better with a professionally designed publication that shareholders and potential investors will appreciate, like these examples from IRM clients.

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