How to provide high quality online investor presence for your company

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Attracting investors is a real-time global competition. Conducted online. 24/7.

As investors make choices in their investor journey, the challenge is how to help each investor take that next step towards more engagement and investment with you. Not the competitor.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the 10 Success Factors for your online investor presence? Discover for yourself how you can achieve this kind of success, as simplified under four headings:

1. Attract and Appeal - Draw the right online traffic and create a great impression with imagery, style and navigation. Regardless of device. On all online touchpoints.

2. Inform and Educate - Provide high quality, timely and up-to-date information about your company and industry. Wherever investors seek it online.

3. Relate and Engage - Be there for them with your news, wherever they are and when they are ready. Then keep in touch afterwards.

4. Maintain the rage - Make it work well and easy by measuring your success. And by using great online tools to make it fast, easy and cost-efficient.


Click on our SlideShare below for a quick run-through of these best practices.


The bottom line 

Success is when you stand out from the crowd and compete effectively with larger better-known companies for the investor funds.

For a higher share price and happier investors, help them be more interested, more engaged and better informed at each stage of their individual investor journey.

Make it easy

IRM can support you the whole way through – from idea generation through to engagement.

It starts with a great investor website and builds from there – with IRM’s solutions for online investor tools, news distribution, online reports, search success, and more. Much more.

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