IRM HQi’s new features deliver smoother website management

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No doubt, your website is crucial for your business. It represents your company and is the centre of your online presence. Giving you credibility to accomplish strategies that help your business grow.

It tells your corporate story. An invaluable source of information that’s frequented by customers, investors, as well as analysts and journalists. Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Would be a shame if stakeholders couldn’t find a decent website about your business, wouldn’t it? Or if your site offers out-of-date material that’s not any help for investment decisions. Loading forever and too clunky to navigate.

You need a website that’s easy to update and maximise for digital communications in any device, desktop or mobile. A user-friendly one designed specifically for ASX-listed companies. And we’ve got just the right tool to run it for you - IRM HQi. Now with upgraded features to make your website management even more stress-free!

HQi is a brilliant content management system (CMS) that gives you control over your website content, images and navigation. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simpler to edit existing pages or publish new ones without needing the technical knowledge of a web developer.

It also allows you to distribute communications to investors through IRM Newsroom, a powerful news distribution app integrated into HQi. Empowering you to decide which news items are published to your investor website, sent to email subscribers or posted on social media.

HQi's new responsive design functions excellently on any screen size, even in your mobile devices.

HQi on phone

Check out some highlights of the latest HQi (and Newsroom) below and consider how it can best serve your business too:

1. Responsive design

You can now use HQi even while you’re on the go! HQi and Newsroom have adopted a responsive design that adjusts to any screen size. So, it will work well whether you’re using an oversized desktop monitor, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The platform will be readable and easy to navigate, with all features accessible.

HQi’s main menu has been re-organised for easier navigation and improved usability as well. And the Dashboard is easier to understand while still having a wealth of information about what's going on. Check out the latest dashboard’s clean look!

2. “My Account” page

HQi’s new “My Account” section offers IR Suggestions, where you’ll find helpful ideas on advancing your online investor relations through HQi and Newsroom. You can authorise the proposals from there and our Support Team will commence work upon your approval of specific items.

Likewise, you’ll see details of all your company's current and past support requests, progress and status, regardless of who from your team lodged the request. You’ll even be able to submit new support requests from “My Account”.

This section also allows you to track your Ongoing Plans and learn more about them through a link to the IRM Product Catalogue. So, you get to make the most out of your Plans. Suggestions about other IRM Plans you might wish to consider (based on your current Plans), will be available here, including information about such suggestions. You can even request changes to your Plans directly from “My Account”.

“My Account” enables you to change your own profile details and see profiles of other HQi users in your company. You can directly contact your Client Relationship Manager through this feature as well.

IR Suggestions are now easily accessible in HQi's new "My Accounts" section.

3. Newsroom filter for price-sensitive announcements

Get a better handle on delivering price sensitive ASX announcements in Newsroom. With the upgraded HQi, you have the option to set Newsroom to behave differently for certain news items in your distribution channels. All you have to do is pre-appoint the web page to display such announcements on your site. You can also pre-determine the email subscribers list or social media channels where you want to send them.

These are just a few of HQi’s enhanced features and usability improvements. Discover more of its latest capabilities in this blog post.

The bottom line

HQi upgraded its features with a responsive design, “My Account” page and Newsroom filter for price-sensitive announcements, among many others. All to make your website management even more stress-free!

It’s not too late

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