Li-S Energy activates website for IPO

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Li-S Energy

Gunning for an IPO means getting a website ready for your compliance and communication needs. In fact, making your ASX debut should include a website launch to get your story to investors, well in advance of your IPO.

Your investor website plays an important role in your communications strategy as you prepare to go public. Your site will not only serve to share your story and post financial data. It will also meet requirements to publish your prospectus and key information at the right timings.

Additionally, your website will address the wider audience your business gains as you aspire to become a publicly traded company. Because investors will not be the only be the ones researching about your company. Analysts, the media and other influencers of shareholder sentiment will also be keen on accessing it.

If you’re looking for a benchmark on how aspiring ASX-listees have done their websites, check out Li-S Energy’s website at Li-S Energy is a lithium-sulphur battery developer operating as a joint venture of PPK Group (ASX:PPK) and Deakin University.

Li-S on devicesLi-S Energy's website gives investors flawless user experience on any device.

Li-S Energy aims to develop a battery technology using a more advanced lithium-sulphur chemistry for use in electric vehicles, mobile phones, drones, etc. The company’s IPO was set to commence in August.

Talk about impressive! Li-S Energy’s website wows with a video banner at the top of its homepage. Visually appealing with its clean aesthetics, investors will find it engaging to learn about the company and move within the site for a deep dive about the business.

Not to be missed, Li-S Energy’s prospectus is quickly accessible on the homepage of the website. A wealth of information on why the world needs better batteries as well as key demands and customer groups of the battery market are also conveniently located there.

Li-S prospectusLi-S Energy's prospectus is readily downloadable from the website. 

Investors wanting to learn about Li-S Energy’s strategy, board and senior management team will easily find details in the website’s About Us section. While its Investors segment is primed to switch on ASX Announcements and related pages soon as the company gets listed. How good is this?

Li-S Energy’s website was built through IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was delighted to collaborate with Li-S Energy to set up its online investor presence.

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