Liquefied Natural Gas powers up website with new look, details

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LNGL website

Attention grabbers.

That's what videos are. 

It's because videos instantly strike a chord with audiences. You've seen how this works on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms with videos.

No doubt, videos have a way of captivating people. It works wonders on websites too.

If you want to hype up your website's user experience, tapping the right engaging videos is the way to go.

You can use videos that introduce your company or those that showcase your exploration locations and projects.

You can upload interviews of your CEO sharing strategic goals. Or a company celebration marking a significant milestone in your business.

These videos on your website will not only supplement your audience's experiences. They'll also increase brand awareness and build connections with investors. They'll even help boost your website's SEO capabilities. 

Your videos will get more interaction because your audience would prefer watching videos over reading text. It's just a faster way of consuming content. Great for your audience's short attention span in cyberspace.

The brand-new website of Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (LNGL) is an impressive example of maximizing videos on a site. LNGL (ASX:LNG, OTC ADR:LNGLY) is a premier provider of mid-scale liquefied natural gas liquefaction solutions.

LNGL’s redesigned site puts a spotlight on its new look, while broadcasting project videos of its wholly owned subsidiaries Magnolia LNG and Bear Head LNG.

The latest website also rolls out various webcasts and interviews featuring executives and company presentations. An accessible one-stop page where investors and analysts can get more info on the business.

Other visually-appealing tools in the site include LNGL’s share prices and charts, depicting the company's performance over different time periods. And an interactive timeline showcasing the organisation’s history.

Keeping the website updated is a cinch for LNGL. The site’s content management system enables the company to add or edit pages without the need for a web developer. It can even facilitate sending emails out to subscribers or posting on the company’s Twitter or LinkedIn page.

LNGL’s website was restyled using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM was pleased to work with LNGL on envigorating their online presence.

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