Lukin Resources heads for IPO with new website

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Lukin Resources

As Australia’s IPO market sees one of its strongest years, things don't look like it’s slowing down just yet. Upcoming IPO lists show a host of companies eyeing the ASX for much-needed capital.

With stiff competition to attract investors, your company cannot afford to miss having a website well in advance of your IPO. Your site will be vital in delivering all important information as stakeholders research about your business.

Launching your website prior to your IPO is a clever way to share your business narrative to a wider audience. It will also start you off on meeting regulatory requirements in your bid to become a publicly traded company.

By way of illustration, check out the new website of soon to be ASX-listed Lukin Resources: The company is focused on exploration for gold, copper, zinc, lead, silver and other metals as well as the development of its projects.

Lukin’s home page is straightforward yet eye-catching, providing a simple layout that quickly directs investors to various sections of its website. Its About Us portion ably presents its company overview with its well-defined business model. This segment likewise introduces its experienced executive team that has a proven track record in exploration and mine development.

Lukin on devicesLukin's website is easily accessible on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Move over to Lukin website’s Projects section and you’ll find its project overview with details to its attractive portfolio of minerals and metals projects in Australia and South Africa. This component is a rich resource where investors can view its highly prospective mineral provinces with visually engaging images and maps reinforcing its discussion.

Currently, Lukin’s investor centre gives prominence to its prospectus, which investors can easily access from the page. However, on the day the company gets listed, this info hub will expand to offer more features, such as its ASX announcements, financial reports, even share price information.

Lukin’s website was set up using IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was happy to partner with Lukin as it kicked off its online investor presence.

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