New year, new features – IRM HQi Release Notes 5.1

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New year, new features for HQi.

HQi is the main technology behind your website. It’s your content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily edit or add content on your pages.

HQi continually improves to stay innovative, keeping your website maintenance above par. Get ready to discover upgrades for a more user-friendly HQi experience.

Handy PDF file icons

Managing the display of PDF files in HQi just got easier. You can now use the first page of your PDF file as an icon on your list page item. Or you can opt to keep using a standard icon. Whatever your choice, you’ll only have to set this once to automatically apply this function in all your files.

Sleeker email functionality

Want to see how your email looks before sending to a batch of subscribers? A new HQi feature now enables you to test an email template by forwarding the message to a specific email address. This way you can double check for any revisions needed before transmitting your message to your subscriber group.

Subscriber organisation is a breeze

Adding an individual subscriber directly to a subscriber group is now possible in HQi. Just click the “Add” button and fill in the necessary details of your subscriber to include him/her in a group.

Uploading a large number of subscribers in HQi? We’ll ensure the list loads correctly on our end and send you a notification after the task is completed.

Also, you can select which subscriber groups to display in your registration page. If you have a certain group you don’t want to be available to all your HQi users, just choose to not display the group in the registration page. Tick the “Don’t Display in Public Registration Page” box and you’re good to go.

Featured images on your list pages

Your list pages can now display your choice of featured image for each news item. Just click your news item, then hit the “Choose File” button and you’ll be directed to upload an image file for the item.

Blogging made easy

There’s a new blog system in HQi. Now you can create blog posts and view a list of all your work, whether drafts or published ones. You can also determine your categories and different settings, such as meta tags and banners, through this new function. Speak to IRM to help you get started with your blog.

Social media just got savvier

For social media users, you can now find information about token expiration of your social media accounts on your HQi dashboard. This helps you manage the expiration of tokens in your profiles to keep links between Newsroom and your accounts. It’s also easier to renew these tokens now too.

Also, your tweets and posts now have improved integration for images.

Clever filter tool for news items search

You can now use a filter tool to find ASX announcements or messages you sent via your website, email or social media channels. You only need to input the date range of the release or its title or source. Then click on the “Filter” button and voila! Your search results will come into view.

Simpler editing for released announcements in Newsroom

You can now modify the title, effective date, content file, PDF or link for any of your news or announcements in Newsroom.

Newsroom WordPress plugin updates

If you’re using our WordPress plugin, you will now be able to add your events or key dates through the plugin. You can also add unsubscribe options using the new shortcode, as part of the plugin too. If you have any further suggestions for the plugin, please let us know – we’re always happy to receive feedback or new ideas.

Notification on distribution channel errors

You’ll get a notification if there’s an error on your selected distribution channel. For instance, you want to send an ASX Announcement through Twitter and LinkedIn and selected those channels in HQi. If there’s any issue with your registration on such platforms, an error message will pop up when you release the news item. This allows you to attend to the matter immediately.

Let’s talk

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