Openpay investor website zooms in on stakeholders

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To attract and retain investors. That's what your investor website should be all about, right? Especially when you're launching your IPO.

But what details are important to headline first? 

A simple web design and a coherent story about your company is your goal. You’d want to highlight the information and features they want most from your website. Without overwhelming them with complex or irrelevant data.

Yes, a user experience with a balance of simplicity and vision connects with investors -- both investment professionals and those with little financial knowledge. You would aim for a user experience with the least clicks possible to give them the most important facts.

Visit Openpay’s latest investor website here for a great example you can get inspiration from.

Openpay (ASX:OPY) is a payments technology company that provides services to customers and merchants in Australia and New Zealand. The company also began offering services in the United Kingdom in June 2019.  

Notice the investor website’s clean aesthetics that mirrors Openpay’s main site. It’s a smooth connectivity that maintains the company’s branding, while giving focus to its investment community.

On the site’s homepage, you’ll immediately catch the company’s story and its potential as an investment. Share price information and ASX announcements are prominent on the page as well, with quick links to specifics. Such valuable info investors can easily access!

And speaking of valuable info, Openpay keeps investors abreast with its business developments through its blog within the site. It's another innovative way of sharing updates and connecting with stakeholders.

The brand-new site also offers a Media section where investors can find third-party coverage about its business, among other salient features. They can quickly tap into the company’s social media accounts since they are linked to the website too.

Openpay’s investor website was created through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery tool. As online investor communications specialists, IRM were thrilled to work with Openpay on enhancing their online investor presence.

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