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Spacetalk website

Investors are always keen to know the latest news on your business. That’s why your website is fundamental in keeping them up to date about your company.

But does your site continually offer the freshest news about your venture? When was the last time you updated it?

When investors visit your website, it would be disappointing for them to find out that your ASX announcements or share price has not been updated in days or weeks. Seeing information that’s stale and irrelevant on your site will not give a great impression. They might have to go elsewhere to find your current announcements. Or worse, move on to other investment options.

What if there’s a way for immediate distribution of news on your website? Wouldn’t it be great to have your ASX announcements posted on your site soon as they are released? Plus points if you can also email your news to subscribers and share on social media simultaneously. Yes, that’s possible!

Head over to the investor website of Spacetalk for an awesome example on how it can be done: Spacetalk (ASX: SPA) is a global technology provider of secure communication solutions for families to stay connected and protected.

Spacetalk on devicesSpacetalk's share price and ASX announcements are up to date on any device.

Once you get to Spacetalk’s investor website, you’ll quickly spot the company’s share price, ASX announcements and presentations on its home page. The share price section leads to an internal page that provides a chart showing its performance over different time periods. The trend charts update each morning and gives various details.

Check out its ASX announcements section and you’ll be directed to all the newest updates from Spacetalk. Meanwhile, its presentations and reports sections offer a rich resource featuring attractive title slides and covers. The announcements, presentations and reports are organised per year and can each be downloaded, as per selection.

In addition, Spacetalk’s investor website enables its ASX announcements to be emailed to investors or shared on its social media network, soon as they are posted on the website. The company has the option to choose which news to send, where and when. Talk about a confident connection with stakeholders.

Spacetalk’s investor website was enhanced through the IRM Newsroom news delivery app, which was effortlessly fitted into the company's site. IRM was delighted to team up with Spacetalk to help advance its online communications.

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