Topelia biotech website spotlights innovation to investors

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Topelia website

Biotechnology companies have a need to be in the public eye, particularly for potential investors and partners. Being visible will not only make it easier to illustrate the capability of their science. It will facilitate funding and partnerships as well.

If you’re in biotech, having a website that’s professionally done is a smart strategy to put your company in front of your target audience. Your site is a primary channel to communicate concepts through content and web design that’s easy to access and understand. A bonus if your website runs on a user-friendly setup that enables you to quickly update information and keep it on point.

Topelia Australia’s website is among newly launched biotech sites to take notes from. Skim through its web pages here:

Topelia is an unlisted biotechnology company focused on developing and commercialising its proprietary Antiviral Triple Therapy, named ZIVERDOX-T, directed at therapy of COVID-19, and ZIVERDOX-P as the preventative.

Topelia on devicesTopelia’s website renders smoothly on desktop or mobile devices.

Notice how Topelia’s homepage straightaway engages with its attractive visuals and clean layout. From this web page, investors will instantly locate the company’s latest news, partnerships, and investment proposition. Its pipeline and team members are well presented here as well.

Topelia’s business model is further described in the website’s COVID-19 treatment: Ziverdox section, while its partnerships and collaborations are spelled out in its The Strategy segment. To remain informed with the company’s latest, investors and partners are also invited to subscribe to Topelia’s email alerts through the site’s Contact Us page.

Best of all, managing Topelia’s website is trouble-free, no web developer skills needed. It’s easy to publish most current news or bring data up to date on its web pages as it stays abreast with innovations in the rapidly growing biotech industry.

Topelia’s website was custom-built on IRM’s HQi content management system for Australian companies. What a delight for IRM to collab with Topelia in elevating its online presence.

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