Reports are Online

Reports are an Online Media

At IRM we are firmly of the view that company reports  generally, including presentations, newsletters and so on, should be considered as part of the online presence of a company.
Certainly there will be printed copies of many of the reports, and there will be mailings of those printed copies to interested people. They will also be handed out, will lie around in reception areas of companies and on dining room tables at home, and be a tangible physical form of company information and reassurance to investors.
However, the vast majority of actual reading of most company reports is done online. Australian listed companies publish their reports, presentations and newsletters as ASX Announcements – an entirely online media. They will appear next on the company website, in Email Alerts, on broker websites, in social media and referred to in online news media, all well before the very first printed copy makes its way into an investor’s snail mail letterbox.
Even the “broker presentation” PowerPoint – a favourite offline touchpoint for many companies – will no doubt impress the people invited into the room where the presentation occurs, but many more people will look at the online version of it from the ASX Announcement or the company website.
Reports, presentations, newsletters are all predominately online media.  Companies need to consider the way they fit into the overall online presence for investors, and how they assist investors to take their journey to becoming committed shareholders.
So – reports need to look great, both offline and online. Producing a great looking offline document, and then burying it as a 5Mb PDF somewhere in the back of the website, is ignoring the main touchpoint for the report and wasting the time and money spent preparing it. Why not consider doing an Online Report - at least for the Annual Report.


Annual Reports

The Annual Report as a printed media piece has been the historical backbone of listed company reporting to shareholders, and is still the key document for the compulsory AGM.  
With optional printed distribution and fewer and fewer printed copies, and with more recent and immediate news reducing the timeliness of its contents, many companies have significantly reduced the budgets for Annual Reports.
IRM provides a range of Annual Report design, print and distribution services at different price points to suit all companies’ needs.
The same needs apply to a range of other reports – Sustainability Reports, Investor Reviews, Prospectuses, Bidder and Target Statements and others.

And of course we publish them all in a range of attractive online formats.

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Graphic Design Services

IRM’s design capabilities extend way beyond the website and online presence. We believe it’s important for the online and offline presences to be consistent and seamless.
Many companies use us to help with

  • Investor Presentations
  • Fact Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Email Direct Marketing Templates and Campaigns

and the full set of corporate collateral, email signatures, letterheads, business cards, style guides and so on.

Where the online versions of all of these need the image files to be hosted somewhere, IRM can provide the fast professional hosting you need for them.

While we’re not a full service design agency, and don’t compete with those folks, we often work with them. However, if you don’t have one of those helping you, IRM can provide the basic services, particularly to companies where the target audience is predominately the investors.

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