Site Migration to HQi

Existing site design and content ok, technology not ok?

If your existing corporate website or investor website design and content  is mainly ok, but it's hard to keep it up to date for technology or organisational reasons, you might consider a site migration. Or maybe you're just sick of removing the hackers' work from your WordPress site?

IRM will take the current website, copy the design to a new site using HQi, add in all the current content, reproduce the navigation and add as many additional IRM investor features as you need.

This preserves the investment you have in your current website, achieves a full technology transplant, and makes it much more functional for investors and staff doing site maintenance.

This process minimises involvement for client staff, and then when the site is built, it can be updated and improved using the better technology. 

Benefits of Site Migration

Once migrated, your existing site will be supported by the power of the IRM's HQi content management system. You will be able to edit pages, add new pages, or restructure the navigation to your heart's content. It's as easy as updating a word document.

Sometimes we recommend a "re-skin" at the same time - freshen up and modernise the look and feel, incorporate some new design techniques, update the images etc.

The migration and re-skin project is quick and simple, then you have HQi's future release program and IRM's technology behind it to future-proof your site for many years to come.

IRM and Site Migration

At IRM, we like these projects because they are clean and simple and we can deliver many benefits in double quick time.

Warning - not all the existing site features might be able to be replicated. For example, we won't copy illegal screen scraping of ASX Announcements from the ASX website with "for personal use only" all over them! And we'll fix those broken links.

Ask IRM to check your current site to advise if this strategy is appropriate.