Which Newsroom Plan

Different companies have different needs for their corporate website. Each one will be different and should consider which IRM Newsroom plan is appropriate.

Choose the Announcement Monitoring Plan if:

  • Your need is to have Announcements on your IRM website kept up to date with no hassle
  • Your website has a simple approach to publishing ASX Announcements
  • You don’t have resources inside the company to do manual uploads of ASX Announcements
  • Your budget is restricted
  • You are happy to pay for IRM staff under a Support Plan to upload the ASX Announcements
  • You have low volumes of ASX Announcements
  • You want a reliable and future-proofed service
  • The company is at an early stage of development

Choose the IRM Newsroom Corporate Plan if:

  • You want your ASX Announcements updated immediately after they are released by ASX
  • You need only one premium feature e.g. Email Alerts or multiple website pages, or social media
  • You want a fast reliable and future-proofed service
  • You have a low volume of ASX Announcements
  • Supports all the standard features of IRM Newsroom for one ASX Ticker code.

Choose the IRM Newsroom Enterprise Plan if:

  • Investor communication, immediately, is a priority for you
  • You want to control or select which individual news items are published on each distribution channel
  • You seek to present a broad range of options for selected ASX Announcements on the website
  • You need multiple administrative access to Newsroom to administer distribution channels and individual announcements
  • Email Alerts and social media distribution is important
  • Supports integrated WordPress blog posts, manual uploads, third-party news and more
  • Provides access to all of the Premium Features of IRM Newsroom
  • Unlimited user training, online lodgement of support requests, and priority access to the IRM Newsroom future development plans.
  • You have a steady stream of announcements and/or other news

You will use the IRM Newsroom High Usage Plan if:

  • You are a larger market cap company

As a larger company, you will probably have more shareholders and potential investors, a larger email alerts list, high site traffic and news item views / downloads, and many announcements / news items.