A website that does not work on mobile devices is poor for about half the visitors and ranks lower on Google. It also says we don’t really care about our visitors.

The website must look great on every phone or tablet (landscape or portrait), browser or screen size. Don’t compromise, this is not negotiable. Mobile also means fast, without huge downloads.

Use of Investor Apps for mobile devices is increasing. Apps are attractive and gimmicky and will appeal to some investors. A great attraction is the ability to interact directly with other features on the phone / tablet – e.g. notifications, calendar integration etc. Like all new technologies, apps come with some costs, effort and risks, and are not yet pervasive for investors.

Providing all website pages responsively lessens the need for an App.

Here are IRM’s top three hints for mobile:

Subject  Suggestion
Make the main website fully responsive
  • Provide every page of the website so that it is readily viewed on any mobile device, phone or tablet
Make sure mobile menus are friendly
  • Mobile devices usually don’t respond well to the navigation methods common for websites
  • Provide specific menu methods that suit the phone or tablet
  • Consider different menu methods for portrait and landscape phone and tablets to better suit different form factors
Provide all of the information on the mobile
  • Forget about separate mobile websites that are subsets of the full website.
  • Use responsive design on the full website to provide all the content
  • Have one single method of updating content on the site for both mobile and desktop

A full review from IRM will identify and discuss more than 10 additional ways to improve mobile.