Newsroom Multiple List Pages on Website

Show your ASX Announcements in multiple places on the website, for ease of use by investors

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Newsroom Multiple List Pages on Website


Showing special ASX Announcements on separate web pages by type of announcement is more friendly to visitors looking for particular content.
Do separate web page lists for Annual Reports, Financial Results, Quarterly Reports, Analyst Reports, Presentations and more.
Choose any number of web page lists. Show separate pages, or highlight lists in a promo box anywhere on the website.
Use the Newsroom distribution channels for allocation to the right category by announcement type or keyword.


The Newsroom distribution channels matrix determines which types of announcements re published on which web pages. Set up as many list pages as you like for different types of ASX Announcements, blog posts or other wens. Specify which ones go where in the Newsroom Distribution Channels matrix.
Manually change or update each individual announcements as it is released, or later.
For full documentation on how to do this, visit the IRM Help Centre.

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