HQi Hosting Plan

A simple low cost plan for hosting of an small website on an instance of IRM's HQi content management system.

Product Name:

HQi Hosting Plan


Choose the HQi Hosting Plan if you need a small but high quality corporate website with mainly static content and want IRM to make website changes for you under an IRM Support Plan. This will suit companies with limited budgets and undemanding websites, and companies in early stages of development.


The HQi Hosting Plan includes all standard features of HQi and supports websites up to 30 web pages, with website content changes through IRM Support by telephone or email (no client login for own changes). Unlimited telephone or email advice and assistance. No Premium HQi Features or IRM Consulting Services are included. Support charges will be a minimum of 30 minutes of support time per website change.

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The Plan will need an IRM Support Plan to provide the capability to maintain the website when things change. If you use IRM Newsroom there will be an additional Newsroom Plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


Repeating Fixed Price

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One HQi Instance is one website. Max 30 web pages.