HQi Plans - Standard Features

These are standard features applying to all HQi Plans

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HQi Plans - Standard Features


HQi is IRM's content management system and the standard features cover a range of services including licence, new releases, hosting, bandwidth, backups, operational support, staging sites and help.


All HQi Plans provide one instance of HQi to support and IRM designed website running on IRM's shared infrastructure hosting service with high speeds, unlimited bandwidth and very high availability. Access to the website can be through one or more domain names, and an IRM subdomain will also be provided for each of the live site and the staging (test) site. The software includes content management (add/edit pages, dynamic navigation, home page customisation and more). HIi is managed by IRM on a release basis, and automatic continual enhancement and new releases will be rolled out as and when available. Extensive help is provided on the IRM Help Centre.

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HQi Standard Features are not a product in themselves, they are features of all HQi Plans - Enterprise, Corporate and Hosting, and also the Legacy plans. There is a separate list of Premium HQi Features that are not included in the Standard Features.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


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Features of a single instance of HQi