HQi Blog (Feature and Plan)

HQi Blog lets you easily blog about your company story and latest developments directly on your website.

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HQi Blog (Feature and Plan)


HQi Blog is a faster way of sharing your company story and updates across your investor audience. No need for a separate blogging site to link to your website. As you’ll be blogging within HQi, the same technology that runs your site. Publish blog articles through IRM Newsroom.


Turn your website into a storyteller using an HQi Blog.
HQi Blog is readily accessible from your HQi dashboard. This section will help you put your blog settings in order. Once you’re all set, you can write and publish your blog posts directly to your HQi website.
As well if you have IRM Newsroom, you can use the HQi Blog as an input source to IRM newsroom, publishing your blog posts to different channels. Whether through your website, social media accounts or to your email subscribers, the choice is yours.
You can even interleave your blog posts with other news on news pages on your HQi website or your own website, much like the news feeds from third-party providers.
HQi blog posts carry all the features of WordPress blogs, including categories, featured images and preview processes.
IRM Newsroom can also bring in multiple HQi Blogs as news sources, from multiple instances of HQi. Useful for related groups of companies where news from a parent instance can be published using the version of IRM Newsroom in the child instances (or vise versa).

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HQi Blog is available as a premium feature under the Corporate and Enterprise Plans of IRM HQi. IRM Newsroom-only clients (ie no HQi Plan) may also add the HQi Blog Plan to their IRM Newsroom Plan to use the HQi blogging capabilities with needing an HQi Website.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


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