HQi Corporate Plan

HQi content management plan for a corporate website or investor centre with limited needs

Product Name:

HQi Corporate Plan


The HQi Corporate Plan is best for a corporate website or investor centre that needs to present a strong dynamic image that will change over time. You have a person in house who can do most changes, you need only one of the Premium Features, and you are interested in occasional consulting assistance from IRM.


The HQi Corporate Plan provides for a corporate website or investor centre with all of the Standard Features of HQi, and any one of the Premium HQi Features. One user login is available for all content changes including adding pages, dynamic navigation and home page customisation. One user training session per annum and unlimited phone / email support. Website changes done by IRM have the first 15 minutes included (fair go policy).

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You will choose an IRM Support Plan to complement the HQi Corporate Plan. If you use IRM Newsroom you will also have a Newsroom Plan, and you may have a Share Prices and Charts Plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


Repeating Fixed Price

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Premium features (one available) and one user login.